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Live Action Director and Graphic Designer
Born near Stonehenge, England and raised in both Yorkshire and Wiltshire, currently located in Los Angeles and London.

Henry Hobson's epic narratives challenge and engage the senses. From concept to edit, he creates richly cinematic story worlds filled with characters that explore the depth of the human psyche.

Henry's unique visual language is apparent in work such as his campaign for 2K Games' XCOM Declassified out of Team One. His films pulsate with tension. There is the chilling sense that the unknown is always lurking somewhere above. In "The Aftermath," he places a children's show clown in the middle of apocalyptic carnage; a vacillation that sits uneasy on the senses. In "The Bureau," he juxtaposes the image of a suburban boy riding his bicycle, a baseball card hitting the spokes, with the cranking of knobs and a running film reel in a covert government office - it's unmistakable that the pseudo-tranquility and security of the boy's suburbia is all fa├žade. They are choices that show his ability to burrow through multiple layers: in these cases, exploring the dark interiors often found amidst shared memory.

"I've always been interested in telling a story visually and giving it a sense of thrill; where you slowly bring the characters to life and reveal their true selves," says Henry, who frequently invests in quiet, character driven moments, before launching into dynamic action sequences.

His first independent feature film, Maggie, starring Abigail Breslin and Arnold Schwarzenegger, was selected for both the Toronto Internation Film Festival and Tribeca. He's been tapped to direct the Isaac Asimov adaptation, Caves of Steel. Trained at the exclusive Royal College of Art in London as a graphic designer.Before working at some of the most prestigious design houses in the world and has designed title sequences for samong the biggest tv shows, games and films of recent years.

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